Let’s embrace this crazy, wonderful ride….

Right now, stop and take one deep breath in and out, look around and tell me what you can see, feel, hear and smell.

Is the sun shining or has the rain come out to play?

Are you wrapped up in a big warm blanket or is there a gentle breeze on your skin?

Is your favourite song playing, people laughing or a baby crying?

Is the aroma of freshly grounded coffee awakening you or is the delicate smell of a scented candle drifting by?

Now think about where you are with life right now…..right this moment, think of your family and friends, your job, your daily routine, your upcoming plans.

How do you feel?

Whatever emotion has been stirred, whether its joy, contentment, unsettled or sadness you need to know that is the right emotion for you right now.

Let’s be ok with it.

It should be embraced, feel it deep within, let it rise and if it’s not what you want to feel, make a cup of tea, look around and work out what needs to change.

You are on the right track, believe in yourself, right this moment and if there is something minor or major that needs to change, be adjusted, eliminated or added to your life then let’s take one step at a time to get yourself feeling your best, fight through the struggle on the bad days and smile from your heart on the good.
Keep on embracing all the feelings, the people and situations your coming across, they are all part of your path, embrace every single moment.

You are doing great, embrace it all.



Trust in the universe



Deep magic occurs when you take a deep breath and go within yourself.
It happens every meditation session no matter how small, every single yoga class and each word you write in your journal. You’ve just got to take the time and reflect, feel the magical energy that’s stirring and most of all begin to trust in the universe.

The universe knows what’s coming your way and it could be nothing of your dreams but it’ll always be something more powerful, beyond what you could ever imagine.
I know each day you struggle its hard, all too much some days and the tears are unstoppable but it’s all part of the process, the universe is prepping you, its making you strong, it’s clearing what no longer needs to be in your life and is taking you to the next level The tears are cleansing your soul, your new grand adventure is coming.

When you take that deep breath, take another and then just one more. I can tell you you’ll start to feel something stirring, listen to the silence, feel your soul peacefully welcoming you back and feel your gut saying “trust me, we’ve got this, please relax, the universe and I have you”!

You can surrender, release the worry and rush with each deep breath.
Let it all be, what’s mean to be is coming and what’s not has gone by.
Stop being impatient my dear every day is a new step on to the right path, just breathe, laugh, let go and trust in the magic of the universe.