Pursuing what you love


Do you ever get up in the morning half-heartly and begin getting ready for work?

The same sound, press of the alarm button at the same time each day. You grab your phone aimlessly and quickly scroll through your social media feed checking out the updates that occurred while you was sleeping, enviously look at the ones who do what they love, the photos that grip you on Instagram and make you think “how did they get to do that?”.

You stumble your tired body to the bathroom. Jump out of the shower and put on your already laid out outfit from the night before.

A little more awake now and you head to the kitchen for breakfast and that “instant wake me up” coffee. You keep telling yourself to start getting up earlier, exercise and take the time to enjoy your breakfast each morning as the birds are chirping.

Realising the time, you rush together your bag, keys and swig down that last mouthful of coffee, already needing your next one.

You arrive at the train station, same people, same seat, different day. You glance around the train, never is there anyone cheery and smiling. Anyone who looks enthusiastic for the day ahead.

Why is this?

Is it because we put our dreams and hopes of what we truly would love to being doing on the back-burner, waiting for the”right time” that “someday”?

Is it because of the safe security and routine of the same thing each day, the same people, the same pay each week? Is the fear of the unknown really that scary?

Is this how you envisioned your life would turn out, is it a story worth telling?

Why not make the change? Why not start to take those steps towards doing what you really love, what you would leap out of bed for every morning before your alarm! What’s stopping you?

The fear is only in your mind.

You’ll never know what the future holds until you’ve given it your all and what’s really the worst that can happen? You’re happier, you have time, you have confidence and a spring in your step! Sounds terrible to me!

Give it a go!

The world is really your oyster – a phase I never understood until I quit my job and started doing what I love!

I dare you to come and join me!


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