Vitamin Sea


Have you ever just looked out at the vast ocean in all it’s glorious, sparkling blue and green hues and just wanted to dive straight in, let each inch of your body be consumed by its cool, refreshing saltiness?

Do you crave the soft white sand between your toes, carefully not treading on any hidden rocks, while your feet are sinking further into the ground with every step closer to that very first touch of the ocean?

Reminding yourself of the excitement of jumping in, swimming out to catch the first wave, the anticipation and thrill of getting the right break and being ridden into shore with nothing but a huge smile and deep, roaring laughter coming from yourself!  The faces and shakas you exchange with your bud who’s still out in the ocean and then your walking back out, pointing behind them to the big wave thats forming, watching them catch it and ride it in with the same smile and laughs you just did.

The frightened fear of being wave-dumped, swirling around in the strong current, amonst the whitewash, unable to breathe or see at any given moment. Let alone the true dangers of what lurks beneath, those who call the ocean home. They always see you before you see them and that’s the real panic and fear always in the back of your mind.

The exhaustion of your arms, shoulders and legs from the fun of it all, your hair a salty, sandy, wild mess but you wouldn’t change any of it! The realisation of the time that has just flown by, then with the vast thirstiness and hunger that’s suddenly arrived you make your way back to shore. Egerly awaiting that soft, warm sun-toasted towel around you as you sit down on that soft white sand now watching others in the magic chaos you was just in.

The feel of the salt being dried into your skin, hair and sting your eyes as the sun hits it. You skull down your water bottle, reach for your book, lie down, get comfy but end up falling asleep to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, allowing yourself to be taken away by the calmness of nature, only to awake and do it all again tomorrow.

Heres to another hot, salty, glorious summer!


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